JDC Ministry welcomes others who are actively ministering at Juvenile Detention Centers. Together, we can do more to support youth who are returning to their communities and everyday life.

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If you served time at NRJDC, your JDC Team cares about you and wants to know how you are doing. Contact us to keep our connection alive!

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Let us know if you have a prayer request, and our JDC Ministry Team will pray for you.

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  • What's In A Name?


    Those of you who have been around me for any length of time, know I am a teacher by the call of God. In my many years of teaching, I have had far more joys than sorrows in…

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  • Don't Give Up


    Sometimes life is just not how we want it to be. We ourselves make choices we wish we hadn't that lead to consequences we wouldn't have chosen had we thought it through. Sometimes these are choices…

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