Welcome : )

If you are teen who has spent time in a Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) or are currently locked up and have the rare privilege of internet use, then this website was designed with you in mind. And whether you had your first encounter with God recently, you've known Him all your life, or you, like the one called Thomas in the bible, are still doubting on a regular basis, we want to help you in the daily challenges of life by offering things here that make God more real.

Each of us who contribute to this site care about people who are incarcerated; some of us spend time inside regularly because kids like you matter to us, and more importantly, to God. Each of us believe that Jesus is the Savior and one true living God. We each came to that understanding by different routes, but we know that once we came to Him in relationship and not religion, our lives changed.

The bad parts haven't disappeared like magic, but we weather the storms better because we know we don't walk alone. It's our hope that if you don't know that already yourself, you'll come to know it - and sooner rather than later. And we hope that this site will help you come to know Him better and follow through on the things you come to know and believe.